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Access webcam in Opera 12

The recently released version 12 of  Opera allows the browser to access the PC webcam via the HTML5 navigator.getUserMedia API. This is probably the first stable version of a browser permitting this. As indicated in our earlier post, this allows the script to capture screenshots of the webcam. It also offers local storage which is [...]

Geolocation sensing

Most modern browsers support geolocation sensing. Essentially, when a user vists a webpage, the browser can sense the geolocation of that user. The user is prompted to share his location and only on approval. is the location shared. Typically, the location is determined using some of the following parameters (in order of accuracy) – Using [...]

Upload photos from Phone Gallery to a server

Apple iPad/iPhone Ipad doesn’t allow a web based app to access photos direclty. We have found an interesting way to go about accessing the photos on the Ipad and uploading them via the browser. Using “Aurigma Up” – a photo upload App for iOS devices, users can upload images from the device to your site. [...]

HTML5 new features – accessing the native device camera

W3C has now released the draft for accessing the native camera or webcam of the device. The API for navigator.getUserMedia is still in draft stages but gives a good insight of things to come. As of now, no stable browser version has support for this API. We found an Opera Lab version for Android which [...]

Some new HTML5 apps worth looking at

We review two recent HTML5 apps which make extensive use of the newer features introduced in HTML5. Financial Times ( The app works online and also offers an offline version which can be viewed without internet access. The most innovative part of this app is that it downloads the offline version in the background when [...]

Offline version of a web app

DEMO One of the path breaking features of HTML5 is the ability to run an html application in an offline mode.  This becomes a very handy feature particularly on hand held devices like an IPAD, Tablet or a cellphone. IPAD and Iphone browsers already support HTML5 offline caching. The offline mode that one talks of [...]

Drag and Drop upload of files

DEMO Conventional HTML4 has always supported file upload via an html form but it has its limitations. It provides an <input type=”file” /> element to achieve this. This has a limitation that you need to select the file using the browser button.  No progress bar is shown confusing the viewer as to what exactly is [...]

Why one more HTML5 Blog ?

There is a lot of buzz of HTML5 nowadays. HTML5 does introduce a lot of revolutionary bits which are expected to change the way data is presented over the internet. Primary among them are – Offline storage through cache and database storage in a local SQLite database. – Geo-location sensing via the browser. – Canvas [...]