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Animated bar graphs and line charts

We have put up two scripts which use HTML5 functionality. Animated bar graphs You can have multiple bars which grow to size in animated fashion. The script allows you to control the order of graphs growing up. You can control which bars come up together and also the sequence. The script allows you to place [...]

Tizen phone is here

Samsung has introduced its first smartphone built around the Tizen operating system, with a TV running the OS planned for next year. Featuring a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display and a 2.3 GHz Quad-core application processor, the Samsung Z, described by the South Korean company as the first commercially available Tizen smartphone, will run Tizen [...]

HTML5 apps now on Amazon Appstore

Amazon allows developers to submit HTML5 apps to be featured on its appstore. Developers wanting to use this option do not have to do any native app development – instead, they have to simply submit their URLs and Amazon does all the work of packaging up the app in the correct format, and adding the [...]

HTML5 layout checker

How many times has a designer rebuked you because the HTML produced by you did not match the design in terms of placement of the elements. A familiar story, right ? Well, here is something to make your life easier. Check our our layout checker at This has been developed using HTML5. Essentially, you [...]

Tizen to support HTML5 apps

Samsung has announced that its new Operating System Tizen would have apps coded in HTML5. Samsung devices command about 63% market share of all Android devices sold worldwide. That makes Tizen a serious competitor in the mobile OS world once it is launched. At the recently concluded Tizen developer’s conference, Samsung urged developers to develop [...]

Scalable vector icons using css. Animation using css3 and jQuery

There is an interesting plugin which uses special font called “FontAwesome” and gives you a scalable vector image which can be used as a font. We can even re-size them, add different colors and even give CSS drop shadow. In effect, we can apply any CSS property which can be applied for fonts. This plug [...]

Text overlay on videos using HTML5

HTML5 offers a unique feature which allows you to impose text on a video at certain intervals. This is done using the HTML track element. This feature allows you to track the video and insert text layers at certain points in the video. Each text element is denoted as a cue and for every cue, [...]

Apnamap is an application launched by us in India. It is a location based service which helps a user create his/her own customised route and share it with friends. Though it works on the desktop as also mobile devices, we believe the potential lies more in the mobile segment. In a country like India, where [...]

Flash to HTML5

One of the biggest challenges in last 2-3 years has been showing flash animations on devices like IPAD which do not support flash. One alternative is to convert the Flash animation into an HTML5 animation. One of the tools available for this is Google Swiffy. This is one of the best tools available right now. [...]

Preview and crop before upload

DEMO Further to our earlier post about drag and drop uploads, we have managed to add some additional features to this. HTML5 allows a user to preview an image before it is uploaded to the server. In a typical web environment, the image needs to adhere to a certain width to height ratio to fit [...]