HTML5 apps now on Amazon Appstore

Amazon allows developers to submit HTML5 apps to be featured on its appstore. Developers wanting to use this option do not have to do any native app development – instead, they have to simply submit their URLs and Amazon does all the work of packaging up the app in the correct format, and adding the necessary metadata (like images, product descriptions, etc.). The HTML5 code is converted into an Android app that can be downloaded from anywhere where the Amazon Appstore is able to run, including on Amazon’s Kindle Fire devices, as well as on other Android smartphones and tablets.

In fact, from today or so, Amazon allows HTML5 developers to charge for the app and these apps can also HTML5 apps can also be promoted through Amazon’s “Free App of the Day”. The end user would not be able to distinguish if this is a native app or a HTML5 one.

The above seems to have opened up many opportunities for HTML5 developers and hopefully this approach will be followed by Apple and Google too on their respective App stores.

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