Apnamap is an application launched by us in India. It is a location based service which helps a user create his/her own customised route and share it with friends. Though it works on the desktop as also mobile devices, we believe the potential lies more in the mobile segment.

In a country like India, where reaching someone’s house is an effort, Apnamap simplifies the whole process by giving the user the route which has been plotted by his own friend. When the route is viewed on a mobile device with an inbuilt GPS chip, one can trace one’s path and compare it with the route to see if you are on track.

Using Google Maps API, we have made it very easy to draw a route on the map. In fact, our drawing methodology is modelled on a child drawing a route on the map, using a pencil. So no jerk poly lines but just a smooth pencil like sketch feel. Once the route is drawn, one can put in instructions via signboards. This will guide the user when he/she is following the route. We have made extensive use of the geolocation API of HTML5 to track a user’s movement as he moves with the device. Whenever the user, following a route, reaches within a certain distance of the signboard, the signboard will pop up and an audio alert will be sounded.

One limitation that we did realise as we developed, is that javascript execution stops when the phone goes on silent mode or when user makes or receives a call. Hopefully newer phones will allow this execution in some way.

We hope this will make life easier for a lot of Indians who need to travel to destinations located in small alleys or within a cluster of houses.

Here are 2 sample routes

Goa tourist attractions
Route to sapnagroup office

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