Some new HTML5 apps worth looking at

We review two recent HTML5 apps which make extensive use of the newer features introduced in HTML5.

Financial Times (

The app works online and also offers an offline version which can be viewed without internet access. The most innovative part of this app is that it downloads the offline version in the background when you load the app and it also shows a progress bar for the offline download. Videos are not available in offline mode. There is a also a clever image positioned just below the bookmark link with instructions on how to go about putting a bookmark icon on your home screen.

A string of touch events like flipping pages by swiping your finger or a cool menu which appears on click makes the interface very user friendly. But it definitely indicates the trend of things to come vis-a-vis HTML5 apps.

Aside mag (

An German app tailored for the Ipad, it shows a lot of interesting effects for IPAD events like finger touch, swipe etc. Page flipping can be achieved by swiping your finger and there is also a cool left menu which comes up on touch. One drawback that has been pointed out is the jerky movement when one slides from one page to the other, particularly on the older IPADs. But it definitely shows the way forward for such apps.

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  1. The FT app is pretty slick – I like how they include an image of the add to home screen button – vs showing an image of the custom app icon. (The default) of this great open source utility.

    Does anyone know how the FT app is doing the progress bar?

    • Thanks for this. We are working on the progress bar and should be able to shed more light on this. But essentially, the logic would be to count total files in the manifest file and javascript provides a variable which gives you the count of files downloaded. This can determine the progress. This is not 100% accurate as every file may not be of the same size but should be a good indicator. We have still not found a progress bar when you empty Mysql entries into SQLite

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